When do we move in?

After a seemingly long escrow (initial offer was written on April 17) we finally closed and received the keys to our first house on June 30, 2011…19 days after our wedding. You could say June was a big month for us. All that would make it a trifecta of stress would be new jobs. Thankfully we are pretty stable where we are.

We weren’t really “actively” looking to buy a house. We had gotten pre-qualified last fall which meant that we would be able to move quickly if and when the right place came along. And well…it did, and we did and here we are. Homeowners. Of course it wasn’t that easy but I’ll spare you the “we offered, they countered” details. I will say that I always marveled when hearing people talk about “interest rates” and “escrow” and “30 fixed” thinking, “wow people sure do know a lot about home buying”. Turns out it is all just a crash course, you learn quickly and now I use those terms too.

So here we are. Newly married. Halfway moved into our new home…so this is what real life feels like. Pretty fun .

{photo of the back yard…one of our favorite features}



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