First night

Last night 1/2 of our little family stayed over at our new digs. The 2nd cat and hubby are not far behind. Saturday is the big move and at that point we will have 3/4 of our family in residence. The 4th might take a little longer. She is a feral’ish cat that we have taken under our wing for the last 3.5 years and we just can’t bear to leave her behind. She has become part of our family and we just love her to pieces. She has certainly warmed up to us and lets us pet her and eats the food we put out. And is quite the little pal to our guy Kirky*. So cross your fingers for a successful capture and for a trauma free transition for LBK** (and for us).

Here is Kirky enjoying the view from his favorite spot in the new house…looking out into the backyard.  Not the best quality photo…but you can see his lil’ tail a-waggin’ I think he’ll be happy here.


*Kirky…name originally derived from his former owners’ love of the Chicago Bulls player Kirk Hinrich, but I think we are going to tell people that he is named after the Kirkand Signature (Costco) Brand because we love the store so much.
**Little Black Kitty (her official name), unofficial is Lola from this song because although we think  “she” is a girl…we really aren’t quite certain.


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