New favorite thing

So to be fair, this might be my favorite saying. I generally have a lot of “new favorite things” but this time I’m talking about…taking pictures of things I want for our house. Like this for example. Saw it at Costco. It’s pretty cool. And we need a new trash can for the kitchen. Is it TOO high tech for our needs? Well probably yes. But still. I have about 50 iPhone photos of items and then their price tag. This gem is only $39.99 New. Favorite. Thing.



2 thoughts on “New favorite thing

  1. Jo! Its kelly 🙂 Just found your blog! Yay!

    Have you seen the garbage can that looks just like this one (stainless steel) but the lid is motion sensor activated? That is my favorite thing too 🙂 Well, that is, if we are talking about trash cans….heehee

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