Allllllmost there

This weekend was the big move. Saturday the hubs and his buddies picked up a U-Haul and took care of some moving. We have been making several small trips (since we are moving less than a mile from our old place) which has made this BIG move seem way less daunting. But still…our new place mostly looks like this:
Boxes everywhere, nothing really unpacked. Not quite sure where anything is or where the best place to put it will be. Which is just awesome. (Seriously…when are computers going to come up with a sarcastic font? Because I would have just used it there.)

But there is one room that we have started to organize a bit. So it looks like this:
And yes…I have actually been making the bed. This is a big deal because I’m not really a “make the bed everyday” (or even once a week actually) kind of person. Maybe because it’s a new duvet cover? Got it at West Elm (my new favorite store) on super duper awesome sale back around the 4th of July…and I realized that since West Elm is part of the Williams Sonoma family, you can use gift cards from WS at WE. And that’s how I bought a new duvet cover. That I love. And it’s organic cotton. And it’s a king size (which I’ll explain the importance of later).

Project #1 for the master bedroom: paint the walls.  We are leaning toward some shade of light gray. It’s not #1 because we feel it is most important, it’s just the first on the list because I like painting, usually, well for one coat at least. And with all the projects that we have been brainstorming, this one seems like it’s the easiest. Buy paint. Buy brush. Apply paint (apply primer first?). Apply paint again. Oh wait, we have to tape (or “cut in”, new vocab word) the baseboards so they stay white. Stay tuned for our first adventure…I wonder what we’ll tackle first??
* * * *
We have one more week until we need to be out of our old place, and we still probably have one more load to bring down (hence the alllllllmost there title). After living there for 4+ years, it has been hard to say goodbye. It was our first home together. We got engaged and married while living there. Our cat brought home more than 100 “friends” (not all of them were dead either). We sorta got a 2nd cat, that we are trying to take with us (she is a feral cat, who we have come to see as part of our family). But we are very much looking forward to the future, in our new house, in our little nook of Oakland, on the sunny side of the Bay Area.

*Note: I promise that I do own a real camera and as soon as I figure out where my camera cord is, I’ll upload some real photos. But for now these iPhone photos will have to make do.


3 thoughts on “Allllllmost there

  1. Nice! I can’t believe you guys are doing it without professional movers. I do not have the patience to do it myself…but maybe that’s because we just moved last year. 😉

  2. I love that duvet cover….if I had a reason to get a new one – I’d do that one, but probably the non-white color because I have a white quilt in our guest room and I’m so anal about it and always worried about it getting dirty!

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