Um…what the?

We lived in our, now, old place (OP) for just over 4 years. It was a quiet spot tucked up in the charming Montclair district of the Oakland hills. Pretty much nothing weird or strange ever happens (almost). It's quiet. We would see raccoons every night, on our porch. Deer frequently. And even a skunk IN our place. Once. That was not so charming. But to get to the point we love it here in Montclair and have decided to plant some roots. We were up at the OP tonight taking care of some of the final details of moving out, cleaning, spackling holes in walls, deep cleaning the shower, wiping down any hard surface in the house. While doing this I completely realized that whoever does move in will also probably be doing these same things again. But it makes us feel better to leave the place a clean as can be.
I got a bit off topic: weird things don't (usually) happen in our neighborhood. While taking a load up to the car I noticed this:
Ok. We heard sirens. But there is a fire station not too far away so we thought they were going for a test drive. Wrong. So my question remains: um…what the? How did this happen? As you can hopefully tell from the photo the hill is pretty steep right there. And he is perpendicular to the road and seems to have hit the tree hard enough to A: have to get towed and B: be taken away in an ambulance. I just don't see how he did it. I guess I'll never know.
So it was sort of fitting that as we are moving out we both saw the craziest thing we had ever seen since living there in the OP. Oh Oakland.


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