We have been shopping around for a new TV stand to replace our old (like reeeealy old) one that became a recent donation to the Goodwill store on San Pablo Ave. After a wee bit o searching, we finally decided on one that we saw at our favorite store, Costco. It would fit our relatively large TV but wasn’t TOO big or TOO expensive.

So yesterday (“errand running Sunday”) the husband went to pick it up along with the outdoor chairs we were lusting over. Turns out no store in the Bay Area has the chairs in stock anymore. Bummer #1. AND our local store was out of stock on the TV stand. Bummer #2. Really wasn’t our shopping day yesterday. Hubs figured out that they were getting a new shipment of TV stands in stock late yesterday so I made the trip over after work today. Solo. With my Prius.

I go in the store. Locate the box with the TV stand. Then come to the realization: dang this box is bigger than I remember. And it’s super heavy. So I get three stock guys to help me get it onto my flatbed cart. Awesome it’s on the cart thing. I proceed to the checkout. As I’m in line another realization hits me. Is this gonna fit in my car? I mentally take a measurement of my car’s inside space and pep-talk myself that, sure, it would probably fit. And then I started thinking of a plan B.

I get the thing paid for then head to the parking lot to find Petunia…the Prius (what? So I name my cars). Open the car lay the seats flat and visualize exactly how I’m gonna do this by myself. And just sorta kept looking at my car and then back at the box. Well the super nice cart-bringer-in guy must have realized before I did that I needed help. He came over and started helping before I really had to ask (have I mentioned I love Costco?). We figured out a game plan and voilà. The dang thing fit completely perfectly. Look for yourself.
With the help from hubby, we got it in our house and it works well, aesthetically, with our other stuff and we love it. It is pretty darn solid construction and some pretty smart detaily things which I always love and appreciate. Good thing because we weren’t about to move it again anytime soon, that little beast is heavy.


3 thoughts on “Costc(uh)o

  1. How do you figure out what size TV stand to get? I’m considering doing a stand instead of wall-mounting it at our new place, but I hadn’t even considered that it might need to be a certain size. I assume as long as it’s wider than the TV? Are there other considerations to be made?

    1. Hi Kim! The box for ours told us what size TV it would fit. Our TV is 46″ (from corner to corner) and the TV stand is 52″ wide…I think it depends on what you are looking for but this ended up being the perfect size for our TV.

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