The cat

So our little furry family member is used to being an outdoor cat. He decided long ago that he preferred the outdoors to staying inside. It’s better for us both this way…in theory. He is a hunter. At our old place, over the course of our four years, he brought home over 100 kills (or live “friends”, we tracked both).

*Yes I know I spelled lizard wrong, it’s supposed to be funny.

So far at the nuevo casa he is at zero. Because his outside time has been under heavy supervision. Our old place had no fences. We had a lot of open space where Kirky could and would roam around. Here, we have fences (thank goodness) and on the other side of all 3 fence lines we have three dogs. So there is a physical and live boundary letting the little munchkin know that it’s best to stay put. But…have you ever tried to tell a cat what to do? Yeah? How’d THAT go? Last weekend since we were both around the house, we decided to try out a little outside time for Kirky. Mostly it was fine. We blocked off all easy exits out of the yard. But of course cats can climb so this happened…

Which then lead to this…

So…we are taking it slow. But the good thing about Kirky being outdoors is that when he does come inside he is mostly like this, napping on the guest bed.

This now concludes the post from the resident crazy cat lady. I promise they won’t all be like this, I just happen to think my cat is one funny little creature.


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