Busy summer

Since my last post, I hosted book/wine/eating club (here’s Kirky with all the ladies):

Gone on vacation to our favorite place, the Lair of the Golden Bear:

Met a darling new baby, Mason:

Shopped for a bench for the foot of the bed in our bedroom (oh how I love Home Goods):

And have not really unpacked anything else in the house. To be honest there isn’t really anything left to unpack, we just need to organize (and then start painting projects).  Our next big house project is going to be organizing the garage which became a dumping ground for things that didn’t really have a definite place in the house. Most of the items are true garage type items (bikes, camping gear, etc) but need a little bit of organization to get them settled in. We have visions of hanging bike racks, and heavy-duty wire shelves (like these) with plastic bins lining the back wall of the garage. Our deadline is to have this happen before the rain starts up again, so we can actually park our cars in the garage. We do have a bit of reinforcement wall/foundation work to get done before we start to permanently set stuff up, but hope that will happen this fall as well.

Last week I was so excited to attend the first Pinterest/West Elm “meet up” at the West Elm store in Emeryville, Ca. It was so much fun! The store is quickly becoming a favorite of mine since I bought our new duvet cover and pillow cases (shown here). Not to mention how much I LOVE Pinterest (proof is here). It is becoming an obsession of mine and it was great getting to meet some of the people behind the genius that is Pinterest.  I took a bunch of photos using the instagram app on my iPhone and was tweeting up a mini-storm while I was there. This photo was one of my favorites (sorry it’s a bit fuzzy my iPhone 3G is an awful camera, can’t wait for the iPhone 5…I’m holding out to upgrade), the colorful banner made of pillow cases. So smart!


How has your summer been? Anything fun happening? Football season starts this weekend, CAN’T WAIT!!! Go Bears!!!




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