Seismically Stable

The seismic retrofit to our garage is complete. In truth it was done a while ago.  We used a local company (Alameda Structural) and were very impressed. They were quick, clean, on time and on budget and extremely friendly. Some of the “during” photos had me freaked out a bit (because let’s be honest, I do tend to “freak out” at unnecessary times). But hey…when your garage frame is literally floating above nothing I think it is fair to freak out a little.

{inside garage wall to the left/under our front door}

{inside garage wall to the right/next to the side walkway}

{front left of the garage, and the back wall of the garage through the hole}

{floating garage frame…eek}

{steal reinforcement beams}

{patched and primed}

{our cat…just because he’s cute, so nice to come home to this}


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