Project Garage: Phase 1

Now that the weather is changing and rain is in the near future. It’s time to clean and organize our garage and start to use it for parking, and not just storing stuff in a pile.

We bought some heavy duty shelves at Costco this weekend and are getting ready to assemble them but first we needed to paint the walls of the garage. Our structural garage “makeover” is complete but the walls were partially covered in blank drywall and looked messy. We made a stop at what is soon to become a much frequented store…Home Depot and picked up some cheap-o paint and had an afternoon of rocking out to my iPod whilst paint rolling.

The lighting in the garage is terrible. So I don’t have a good after photo. But here is me “during”…

Next steps: build shelves and bust out the label maker and plastic bins…time to organize!!


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