Before and After

When Matt and I got engaged I decided to stop getting my usual {short} hair cuts and grow my hair out originally to have some options when it came to my wedding hairstyle. A few weeks after we got engaged in March 2010 my boss/co-worker/friend was diagnosed with breast cancer and began her year long battle with chemo and radiation treatments. I decided that growing my hair out long enough to donate was a better reason than for the wedding. I saw her go through the various stages of hair loss. First the gradual pieces came out. Then she took the dog shears and decided to try and shave her head herself, and laughed about it after. Then she went to her hair dresser for a proper buzz cut and to got fitted for a wig. She handled the entire process with humor and courage and a grain of salt and I admire and respect her more than I think she knows. She has been cancer free for almost a year now and her hair has grown back, a little curlier and a litter grayer than before, and she looks absolutely beautiful.

Here are the before and after pictures from the day of my cut.

I chose to use Pantene Beautiful Lengths because of their partnership with the American Cancer Society and because they help to provide free real-hair wigs for women going through cancer treatments.

Thanks for letting me share my story.


4 thoughts on “Before and After

  1. Love your blog Jojo and your comments about growing your hair for “the cause” brought tears to my eyes,..thank you!

    Jay has the same carpet you do, just smaller and looks great in his place too.

    It was great seeing you the other day at the Napa ranch and will see you before I leave for Panama.


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