New rug

We were able to finally decide on a rug for our living room. I had been scouring so many websites trying to figure out the right one for our space and for our tastes, and our budget. And what I found was…area rugs are EXPENSIVE!! We measured our space and realized that a 9’x12′ rug was the perfect size, then came the searching. We both decided that a comfy, cozy, durable rug was the way to go. It’s too bad you can’t reach into the computer to see how a rug feels. I had gone into the Crate & Barrel outlet in nearby Berkeley and seen some of the rugs they had on hand so I was familiar with their texture and knew what to look for online.  I had also realized that I was more fond of a geometric pattern rug than a floral one (Matt agreed). So this is what we finally found.


We ended up going with Crate & Barrel’s Quentin Rug, 9’x12′ and it was on sale for $399 which is at least 50% less than what I was seeing on other sites (and originally retails for $999 at Crate & Barrel). The rug arrived today and so far it is awesome! It’s very soft and looks great with our existing furniture. The colors are perfect and will allow for great accessorizing (throw pillows, window coverings, and art), once our new couch gets delivered {which was supposed to be this past Saturday but is now going to be March…waaa!}


2 thoughts on “New rug

  1. Nice rug guys….however can you putt on it? Looks like it may give a
    bumpy roll to even the best struck putt. Oh well, maybe you can chip
    off of it! Is it rubber backed or did you also get a mat to put under?
    What happen to the couch delivery? Are they reducing the price
    because they failed to deliver when promised?
    CJN,aka, DOD

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