Sewing Project – Tie-on Baby Blanket

My good friend Tina saw this blanket online a few months ago and the conversation (over gmail) went a little something like this:

Tina: Hey, check this out! I bet you could make it.
Me: You’re right, I bet I could.

Challenge accepted!

2012 is turning into the year of baby. I have six friends (so far) who are giving birth this year (five remaining…baby Claire was born this past Saturday night…congrats Annie & Dave!!) One of my favorite parts about baby showers is giving handmade gifts to the mommy-to-be. I have made knit baby beanies a-plenty and while they are still a favorite of mine I wanted to try something new. The blanket didn’t seem that difficult a task to tackle. I searched online at one of my favorite retailers and found a great deal on minky fabric and also on a nylon water-resistant fabric (which doesn’t appear to be online anymore) and bought the ribbon at Michael’s (with coupon…not that it was really that expensive anyways). I’m planning to make more of these and will document the steps a bit better next time, now that I know the blanket will turn out okay. But here is the finished product, I am so pleased with how it turned out:

This blanket is a gift for mama-to-be Emily, her shower was yesterday and I hope her baby boy enjoys it.


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