Tears in Flight

Ok I'm gonna let you in on a {not so} little secret. I'm a crier. If there is a condition where your tear ducts overproduce tears…I have that. Totally self-diagnosed but I'm pretty sure it's a real thing. I was once told by a friend-of-a-friend that "oh yeah I know you. You're the girl who always looks like she's gonna cry." Yup. That happened. When does this "condition" suck most? On airplanes. When the stupid airline shows movies like Marley and Me and My Sister's Keeper and also apparently Dolphin Tale.
I had seen ads for the movie and thought it looked cheesy (being honest). So when my flight to Florida last weekend started playing the movie I opted instead to read (the hilarious Mindy Kaling book…go buy it, you won't be disappointed).
Then after holding out for about 30 minutes (and looking up every few to see what I was missing) I finally caved in, put my own earphones in and watched. What can I say? I'm a glutton for punishment, and I have a weakness for Harry Connick Jr, don't judge.
At first it reminded me of a favorite movie from my childhood Free Willy in that they are both about sea creatures. But then you throw in a dolphin who has an amputated tail fin, a touching mother-son story, and a wounded war-vet-cousin and I lost it. I wasn't sobbing but had the eyes-welling-up-with-tears-and-then-spilling-down-my-cheeks look. I'm sure the guy next to me didn't think I was being subtle whilst I was wiping away my tears. At least it was better than my My Sisters Keeper flight. The flight attendant asked if I was okay and seemed very concerned. That was not such a subtle crying spell. So I'll end with this…don't watch sad stuff on flights or people will think you are weird when you start crying. Unless you are with me, then we can have a good cry together.

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One thought on “Tears in Flight

  1. I watched The Notebook for the first time on a flight from Thailand. Totally bawling, snotty crying and everything. The only saving grace was that pretty much everyone else was zonked out b/c it was hour 6 or so of the flight. Thank goodness!

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