The day finally came. I painted the bedroom!!
Here is the before picture:
Thank you to Matt for putting up with five swatches of gray paint in our bedroom. FIVE!! We finally picked the right shade. Martha Stewart Nimbus cloud (top left) and had it color matched to BEHR  Premium Plus Ultra (paint and primer in one). Through this whole paint-the-bedroom saga I kept saying that I wanted to use No VOC paint and then suddenly when I was in Home Depot and saw how long the line for paint was I quickly walked up and down the paint aisle and panicked and grabbed low VOC instead of NO VOC because I was running late and needed to get home and start painting if I was gonna get it done this weekend. Oh well. Next time. While at Home depot I also grabbed some more of the awesomest painters tape and good thing because for the whole room I used about 3/4 of a full roll. I used the 1.5" width and wished, for the ceiling at least, that I had the 2", it would have been easier to get up there with the roller. The whole process from cutting in until I started peeling the tape off was about 5 hours. There were a lot of tight spots and I had to go back and paint those by hand with a brush, so that took a bit longer. But I am so SO happy with the finished product. I'm glad we waited to find the perfect paint color. It looks great!!
*This photo was taken at night, it looks a bit brighter in the daylight.
Now to hang my DIY art project, and make a headboard and we'll be all set! More photos to come!


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