Around here

Here is a little view of what our weekend looked like…from the point of view of my iPhone:
I finally hung the canvas DIY art.



I planned it out using pieces of 12×12 paper before nailing holes in the wall and they are spaced 4 inches apart.
I also took care of some sewing projects:
I made another stroller/baby carrier blanket for an upcoming baby shower…this is the only peak you'll get Tina :).

I made a few pillow cases for some old nasty floral ones that I have had for, um, maybe 7 years!! I think this fabric is a much better pattern and they are now brightening up our couch quite nicely.


And after all that sewing I realized how much I hate my current pin holder so I made a new one. I used and old jar and sorta winged it with some batting and leftover linen fabric… and a glue gun. It is so much better than the old one and now I want to come up with some more projects just to used it.

I also needed to sew a button on a pair of shorts for Matt and decided to finally organize all my little buttons and thread pieces that come with sweaters etc. and came up with this solution…another jar!

I also created a fun St. Patty's day feast of bangers and colcannon. I had never had or heard of colcannon before until I saw a pin on Pinterest and it looked delicious . It WAS! And so easy too.

And to round out the weekend we went to brunch at a place I've wanted to try (that Matt has already been to) Brown Sugar Kitchen. I had the chicken and waffles. They were delicious.



3 thoughts on “Around here

  1. Ooh, I like the pin holder! And the pillow fabric – so cheery! Also, I kept reading colcannon as Concannon (like the wine). 🙂 Glad to see one of us was productive this weekend.

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