We have you surrounded

I was the assistant on this project so I’m not taking any credit for the handy-ness of my hubby.

Today was the day to hang the surround sound speakers. Plan A was to run the wires through the walls so that we wouldn’t have them running up the wall (my preference). But when does Plan A ever work out? The wall behind out tv was stuffed with insulation (which isn’t a bad thing normally since we like to be warm…right dad?) which made threading the wire impossible.


So Matt hopped up into the attic and crawled around…


Kirky wanted to help…it was cute.


Matt was able to run most of the wires through the attic and once I take care of getting a super long curtain rod and make curtains (that I’ve been talking about for months now) they will pretty much cover the wires that are tucked in the corner, but running up the wall, behind the couch. So I’ll be happy. It’s all about compromise right? Photos to follow…once I get the curtains taken care of.

We headed over to the UC Berkeley campus today to watch a baseball game. Great weather. Great game. Did you have a good Saturday?


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