24 Weeks and Counting

Guess what? I'm pregnant! Yesterday marks 24 weeks along (still need to take an updated bump photo). I had thought that I would take weekly photos but that didn't really  happen. So I compromised and figured every 4 weeks would be sufficient.

Here I am getting bigger and bigger:

11 weeks:
11 Weeks

12 weeks:
12 Weeks

16 weeks:
16 Weeks

20 weeks:
20 Weeks

Everything has gone pretty smooth so far. I had some pretty bad nausea the first trimester and while it's gotten better it hasn't totally gone away. I think I am managing it better now knowing that eating helps…which is so counter-intuitive.

My due date is March 24 and we aren't going to find out what we are having. I originally had thought that I would want to find out because I'm a total planner and just figured that most people find out. But Mr. Husband has strong feelings about NOT finding out so we aren't and truthfully…it's been awesome!! It's fun to try and guess what's growing in there and I'm planning for a yellow and gray nursery and am totally fine with gender neutral items. And honestly I don't care either way if it's a boy or a girl, I just care about delivering a healthy baby. I have started a few crafty items but right now our guest room is occupied so we have no where to put things until January. This is a good thing. Otherwise I think that I'd probably be going a little overboard.

Here is my current list of DIY items to do before the baby arrives:

Glider (recover an awesome Dutailier that we bought off Craigslist for $50.)

Crib Skirt (we are going with this crib thanks to an awesome recommendation from one of my favorite blogs Young House Love. They also have a great tutorial for making a crib skirt which I'm going to follow, with some simple yellow fabric.)

Paint a dresser and add legs (I have a dresser that's been hanging out at my parents house for…um…a few years that we are going to bring down and paint and add some little legs to make it taller as it will also double as a changing table.)

Paint some/all of the walls (I have visions of a polka dot wall but need to figure out the rest of the room first.)
Recover craft letters (We used these letters as centerpieces at our wedding with the plan of re-purposing them when we had the need for a baby's room. 1/2 the alphabet will have white fabric with yellow polka dots the other 1/2 will have yellow fabric with white polka dots…stay tuned.)

Make a "light bright" canvas light (tutorial here.)

Knit a beanie for the hospital

-Hang framed prints
-Sew a nursing cover 
(like this one.)

Make a "Jojo Roosk blanket" (like this but my DIY version that has been my go-to baby shower gift for at least a year.)

That's all I can think of now. But I have lots of ideas "pinned" on my Pinterest page so check it out!!
I'm going to try to post regularly throughout my pregnancy, so I'll have a place to keep my thoughts straight and update friends and family. Thanks for reading!


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