Going Public

This past weekend we announced my pregnancy news to our extended social network via a Facebook Post and an Instagram post too (because I'm obsessed with Instagram.) We had done a photo shoot a few weeks ago and just received the images from the photographer on Friday. 


I just wanted to give a proper thanks and shout-out to our AMAZING friend and photographer Carrie Richards (of Carrie Richards Photography.) She is the most fun and fabulous photographer her work speaks for itself but the experience of working with somone like Carrie is something I wanted to make sure was out there in the universe of the interwebs. Mr. Husband hates having his picture taken, big time. But Carrie makes these shoots so much fun that at the end Matt always says "that wasn't that bad" which in my book is a win. This is the third shoot we've done with Carrie (along with our engagement shoot in 2010 and wedding in 2011.)  Check her out, she's rad.

*Just a note that we weren't paid to promote Carrie, we just love her and want to let the world know how awesome she is.


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