Boy or Girl?

So I have read a few blog posts out there where people try to predict the gender of their unborn child. I wanted to see what the wives tales would say about our baby…here goes:

  • Chinese gender chart – BOY
  • Ring on a string test – circular means girl, back and forth means boy – TBD (I have a friend and her necklace is 100% on guessing but I haven't had her test me yet)
  • Mayan’s method – mother’s age at conception and the year your baby was conceived. If both are even or odd, it’s a girl. If one is even and one is odd, it’s a boy. – GIRL
  • If you’re carrying in your hips, you’re having a girl. If you’re carrying in your belly, you’re having a boy. – BOY (although I feel big everywhere)
  • If the baby’s fetal heart rate is below 140 beats per minute, you’re having a boy. If the heart rate is over 140 beats per minute, you’re having a girl. – BOY (I think)
  • Craving ice cream every single day? Some believe this means it’s a girl. Craving salty or sour foods means it’s a boy. – I haven't had many cravings but I guess I'm liking more sweet foods lately…GIRL
  • Sick as a dog during the first trimester could mean a girl. An increased appetite from the beginning points to a boy. – GIRL (still nauesous 26.5 weeks in)
  • If you’re more prone to headaches during pregnancy, it could be a boy. – I've had some headaches but no more than normal…GIRL?
  • The belief goes that girls “steal their mother’s beauty,” so if you’re breaking out like crazy, blame it on your baby girl. – BOY, my skin is the best it's ever been
  • Supposedly, clumsiness in pregnancy means a baby boy’s to blame. As graceful as always and it’s a baby girl. – BOY (OMG…I'm so clumsy during pregnancy it's awful)
  • Another old wives’ tale suggests you’re having a baby girl if your husband gains weight too. If his weight stays the same, it’s a baby boy. – BOY
  • Rumor has it that if you are carrying your baby high, it’s a girl. Carrying low? Stock up on blue. – BOY
  • Similar tales say if you carry in front, you’ve got yourself a little boy, and if you expand horizontally, it’s a girl. – BOY, although I'm starting to grow sideways now it feels like
  • Dry hands and cold feet are signs of a boy. So, if you’ve got these ailments, break out the baby blue. – BOY

Total: BOY=9; Girl=4

We'll see if it's correct in a few months. A friend said to me "there is an easier way to figure it out…just find out at your ultrasound." There are a few friends out there who really want us to find out the gender, but they are being extremely supportive of our decision not to, and we appreciate that. Truthfully it has been SO fun not knowing what is growing in my belly. It's fun to try and guess what it is and I will be excited either way as long as the baby comes out healthy.

Were any of your predictions correct before you knew what you were having? 


2 thoughts on “Boy or Girl?

  1. Best surprise EVER! I can’t wait to find out who’s in there, Jojo!
    I didn’t know all these little sayings but they were right on with how I was during pregnancy. And, I had a boy. The only thing I “did” was look up the Chinese Gender Chart – it said boy.

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