Updated: DIY for Baby

Going back and seeing this post makes me happy that I have actually accomplished almost all the things on my "DIY for Baby" list. To recap here is the list I had set forth: 

Glider (recover an awesome Dutailier that we bought off Craigslist for $50.)  {updated post here}
Crib Skirt (we are going with this crib thanks to an awesome recommendationfrom one of my favorite blogs Young House Love. They also have a great tutorial for making a crib skirt which I'm going to follow, with some simple yellow fabric.) {update: we decided that the crib doesn't need a skirt, at least for the time being so this project is on the back burner}
Paint a dresser and add legs (I have a dresser that's been hanging out at my parents house for…um…a few years that we are going to bring down and paint and add some little legs to make it taller as it will also double as a changing table.) 
Paint some/all of the walls (I have visions of a polka dot wall but need to figure out the rest of the room first.)
Recover craft letters (We used these letters as centerpieces at our wedding with the plan of re-purposing them when we had the need for a baby's room. 1/2 the alphabet will have white fabric with yellow polka dots the other 1/2 will have yellow fabric with white polka dots…stay tuned.)
Make a "light bright" canvas light (tutorial here.) Finished product link here.
Knit a beanie for the hospital 
-Hang framed prints
Sew a nursing cover (like this one.)
Make a "Jojo Roosk blanket" (like this but my DIY version that has been my go-to baby shower gift for at least a year.)

I have taken photos of most all these projects and do plan to write up some tutorials and share some after photos…so hang in there. 

I'm just about done with work, two more weeks in the office, then I'll be off for a little bit before the due date. I'm planning to do a bit more nesting and relaxing and then waiting to see when this little one wants to join us. 

I hit the 36 week mark yesterday so I'm in the home stretch. I have updated belly photos to share too…so many things planned. Let's see if I can get them done before baby's arrival. 


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