DIY: Recover Glider

I think I bought this glider pretty early on in my pregnancy. I knew I always wanted a glider and started searching on Craigslist looking for a good deal. And that is what I found. I found a Dutalier Glider in great shape (structurally) but the fabric on the cushions was a little worse for wear. I got the glider and ottoman for $50 (they normally retail for close to $500). Here is what I was working with:

Glider 2

The guy said that his kids didn't like it so it turned into the cat's chair (which you can tell by the well loved arm cushions). It doesn't make any noise, glides wonderfully and has no issues with the actual wood parts. 

Here comes the fun part, well for me it was fun…recovering the glider. I pinned this blog post (on Pinterest) a while back and pretty much followed it word for word since our gliders were the same. The only difference is that my glider didn't have any pockets on the arms. I was able to snap a few "during" photos with my assistant:

Glider 4

Glider 5

Glider 8

And overall there are some minor details that didn't turn out ideally (like the fit of the ottoman cushion) but I love the fabric I decided to go with and it looks better than it did. 

Glider 10

Glider 9

Have you ever recovered a glider? How did it go? The best part is that I can take off the new covers and wash them pretty easily if need be. Always a good thing. 


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