Belly Photos | Weeks 28-36

While I am behind on actually posting these photos I still was photographing my growing bump every 4 weeks. It's kinda crazy to think that I might not have another one…if the baby decides to come before 40 weeks. 

28 Weeks:

28 Weeks

32 Weeks:


36 Weeks:


I'm in the home stretch and now I feel like I'm growing bigger on a daily basis. Sleeping pretty well still but my steady nauesa over the entire pregnancy has ramped up with full force this last two weeks so that's not the best but I'm being good about getting protein snacks in and that seems to help. I have also started getting puffy hands and have removed my wedding rings. Other than these items and my extreme exhaustion I'm doing okay and getting more and more ready to meet this little one. I keep thinking that it'll be early but maybe that is just wishful thinking. I'll be totally done with work as of March 15 so any time after that would be fine by me for this little ones birthday. 

Here is one more photo: bump with big "brother". I sure hope our fuzzy child gets along with our human child :).

36 Weeks 4


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