One month

Our little man turned one month old last Wednesday April 17. It seems like time is going fast but also seems like forever ago when he was born.

I only have his weight stat from this month, because we have a scale at home. He weighed in at 9 lbs 13 ounces on April 17 which puts him exactly 2 pounds over birth weight but almost 3 pounds from where he was when we left the hospital, since he lost almost a full pound and was 6 lbs 15 oz at discharge.

He is exclusively breastfed and its been going pretty well. We did have to supplement with formula the first week but once my milk came in he’s been eating like a champ. Since that first week I think we have given him a little formula twice so that I have been able to leave the house and Matt can watch him and feed him if need be.

I haven’t been able to pump much during the day when I’m alone with Miles because I’m either holding him or trying to feed myself when he has his time on his play mat or in his crib looking at his mobile. I can get about 5 minutes of time to do things and I haven’t made pumping a priority, but I need to. That will be a goal for his 2nd month of life. Mama needs to pump more.

Our pediatrician recommended some herbs to help with milk production and I’ve been taking them since he was about a week old. I take one fenugreek and two blessed thistle capsules a day. I only take them once a day (along with my prenatal vitamins still) and its been fine. The doctor said that they would make me smell like maple syrup, interesting side effect, and it’s true.

We were sleeping with Miles in our bed for the first three weeks. It was not ideal and was not our plan but it was the only thing he would sleep in at night. Didn’t like the co-sleeper or a swing so we did what we had to. And it was fine. He had his own space by our heads between us and we didn’t roll over on him and we all slept. Well as much as you can sleep with a 1-3 week old.

On the night he turned 3 weeks I decided to try out the co-sleeper again…and it worked. Thank goodness. He had his own space and was nearby and still in our room, which we want. Then we were given a Rock and Play to borrow from friends on his one month birthday last week and oh my god it is amazing!! Miles loves it!! The past 3 nights he has gone 4-5 hours between feeding the first stretch (instead of 2-2.5). Not sure if it’s related to the new sleeping apparatus or his age but I’ll take it! This is the time I should be pumping but the first night I kept waiting for him to wake up and I didn’t want my boobs to be out of milk (that can happen right?). If it seems like he’ll continue this trend then I’ll be able to get some good supply pumped. Then maybe Matt and I can try to go out on a date…if I can emotionally handle being away from him.

One month

One month


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