Hangin’ With Mama

Miles was given a tank top onesie and it was warm enough to wear it yesterday. I think paired with the multi-colored pants he looks like an old timey swimmer guy. And today he was sporting his skull and crossbones Old Navy onesie.

We made the investment in cloth diapers and are planning to use them at home and for the majority of the time. We decided to wait a few weeks after birth to settle in to the whole new parent gig before starting with the cloth. Today he was exclusively in cloth and did well. They do seem bulky which I have read is one of the main negatives about cloth but they are pretty cute, so that outweighs the bulkiness. We are using the Bum Genius 4.0 and have a mix of snaps and Velcro, but they are mostly snaps. We have a wet bag from Planet Wise and love it. It hangs on the back of the door right next to the changing table/dresser and I haven’t been able to smell the diapers at all.

Hangin' With Mama

Hangin' With Mama

Hangin' With Mama


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