Wonderful Weekend

What a great weekend we had here in Oakland. The weather was fantastic and we took full advantage of being out and about.

Saturday we had the first visit from our new house cleaner. We have never had one before but decided since we had Miles that it would be a good investment and we are so so happy with her. She’ll come just once a month now and depending on how that is we may decide to do twice month.

We decided to get out of her hair while she cleaned so we ran errands. Breakfast at the Dimond Cafe in the Fruitvale neighborhood (awesome breakfast burritos btw). Followed by a quick stop at Home Depot. Then on to our favorite spot…Costco!! We love that place so much that we had to document Miles first trip with a photo! Then it was on to WalMart where Matt did a diaper change and I grabbed some plastic bins for organizing then we gotta outta there. We hit up Nordstoms Rack and Marshall’s in San Leandro and didn’t have time for the Gap Outlet but I plan to go back soon. We then drove out to Walnut Creek to visit with some friends and to go to the Sports Basement for some shopping and to support the Lair as well.

Back home we had some dinner visitors. Aunt Brittany, Uncle Scott and cousin Avery came by to meet Miles for the first time. Brittany is due in August with their second baby and its a boy!! I am so excited for he and Miles to be friends. I’ve know Brittany since I was 5 and I can’t wait for our boys to have a lifelong friendship too!!

Sunday Miles turned six weeks old. The time is going so fast. He weighs 11 lbs 0.5 oz. Another beautiful weather day, we went to watch a t-ball game in Alameda and then Matt watched Miles while I went to the foot spa…and my new favorite place. I had a 75 minute foot/body massage and it was heaven. Mama needed it. The weather should be wonderful again this week so I’ll be posting more photos of us out and about enjoying the beautiful spring weather in the Bay Area.

Wonderful Weekend

Wonderful Weekend

Wonderful Weekend

Wonderful Weekend

Wonderful Weekend


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