Today was a good day

Miles slept for a stretch of six hours last night (between feedings). Ah. Maze. Ing. Seriously felt great. Now that stretch was from 8pm until 2am and I went to sleep around 10 but still. Four consecutive hours makes a happy mama. Lets hope he keeps it up.

Today we went on a walk down to the village and it was great. Not too hot yet. And I got bagels and a latté so I was happy. Then Miles let me take a shower (a quick one). And then it was his turn for a bath. He’s starting to enjoy them more. Which makes me enjoy them more when he’s not screaming.

After the bath I tried his swing again. He normally only puts up with the swing for periods of 15 minutes. Doesn’t sleep and gets pretty cranky quickly. But I keep trying. And today was a victory. He slept for 2.5 hours. In. His. Swing. Photo evidence below. I even caught him awake for a few minutes and he was just quiet and staring at the leaf thing totally quiet and content. I honestly did a happy dance in the kitchen.

For the past few evenings he has had a “witching” hour where he just cries an can’t be consoled. I take him to his room. Pull the blackout shade down and either have his white noise machine going or the lullaby station on Pandora. We glide on the glider while I hum along and try to nurse if he starts rooting. Mostly it just takes time for him to calm down or fall asleep. It’s a rough hour. But once it’s over he’s calm and then dad comes home and he cuddles with Matt and sucks his finger and all is better. But that hour. Wow. Makes me feel so sad for him to be that upset. But I just give him lots of cuddles and kisses and glides and bounces on the yoga ball. And eventually it passes. And my sweet boy is happy again and smiling for dad and mama.

Today was a good day

Today was a good day

Today was a good day


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