Mother’s Day Weekend

What a wonderful weekend. Saturday we were in Sacramento and walked with a group of friends in the breast cancer 5k Race for the Cure, a tradition. Miles almost made it the whole way. Matt and I each carefully carried him for a bit until we found a good stopping spot for a diaper change and then he was fine the rest of the way.

Then we zipped home for a quick turn around and then went to a 1st birthday party for Ms. Chloe. I forgot my phone/camera at home so no photo evidence of that but Miles did great and slept the whole time. We were able to snap a photo of my best friends from high school and our kiddos. Four ladies and 8 kids under 4!! The trick? Give the kids cupcakes right before. Can’t wait to see how that photo turns out. The last photo (I think) of the four of us was at my wedding almost two years ago and there were only three kids. We have been a busy crew (JETA crew :)).

Saturday night we had dinner at Nana Donnas house outside on the deck. The weather was warm but so great. Miles loves the warm weather.

Sunday was Mother’s Day. My first. We went out to brunch at a local favorite spot, Bella Bru with my folks (Grancy and Opa) and Matt’s mom (Nana). Miles and Matt gave me a pair of aquamarine earrings (Miles birthstone). Then we came back to Oakland and I was able to sneak out and get a pedicure. It was a perfect 1st Mother’s Day thanks to my family and my boys in particular.

Mother's Day Weekend

Mother's Day Weekend

Mother's Day Weekend

Mother's Day Weekend

Mother's Day Weekend


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