Visit to Mom’s Office

Yesterday afternoon Miles went to visit my office and meet my co-workers. I put him in the outfit that is perfect for visiting UC Berkeley. A onesie that says “i give big {bear} hugs”. He did so great on the visit!! Slept the whole time which was nice but I just knew he was going to wake up screaming as soon as we got to the car to go home. Sure enough. I fed him in the car before heading home but it took me over an hour to get home because I stopped three times to feed him again, change and comfort him because he was hating the carseat. The drive without traffic takes 20 minutes. Poor guy was just over it.

Today was a mellow day at home. We went out for a quick visit to his soon-to-be day care to get things finalized and introduce him to Ms. J. He fell asleep in the car on the way there which is great since it was naptime. We got home an hour later and I successfully transferred him from carseat to swing and he stayed asleep. For two more hours. I ended up rousing him a bit once his nap total hit 3 hours. This guy seems to take after me in the sleep department.

On Friday I’m going to attempt a “day in the life” post as Miles will be 2 months old and I want to document just what life is like right now. I’m hoping to make this a monthly post. And now that I have said it “out loud” I’m accountable for making it work.

Visit to Mom's Office

Visit to Mom's Office

Visit to Mom's Office

Visit to Mom's Office


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