A Day in the Life – 2 months

Ok here we go. This was Friday May 17. Miles 2 month birthday.

12:22a – 1st wake up of the day. I try feeding him only and no diaper change.
1:56a – Miles fusses for a while. Matt changes him and I feed him again. Bad idea to skip the diaper change at midnight.
2:34a – He’s fed but doesn’t want to go back in the co-sleeper. I have him on my chest and patting his back. Kirky is snuggling with Matt and snoring.
2:48a – Put Miles back in co-sleeper and hope he stays asleep.
3:30a – Didn’t work. Bring him to bed with me.
5:45a – Put him back in co-sleeper.
5:50a – Bring him back to bed and feed him side lying hoping we’ll both snooze.
6:07a – He’s still fussing so we change his diaper.
6:45a – I give up on sleeping in bed and bring him out to the swing. I lay on the couch and try to get some more sleep.
7:45a – He wakes up from swing. An hour isn’t bad. Change his diaper and take monthly photos on his Miles towel and glider.
8a – Feed him again (not long enough) but he doesn’t seem interested in more.
8:10a – The dreaded tummy time and floor time (which he loves). He’ll only do a minute or two on his tummy but I keep doing it. Mean mama :).
8:40a – Get in car to go to Bonnie’s, take the longer back way hoping he’ll fall asleep. He does.
9a – Walk to village for coffee with Bonnie.
10:15a – Return back to Bonnie’s and change diaper and nurse. Snap photo with Jesse (who is 6 days older than Miles).
11a – Return home, Miles cried in car because he is tired again. Put him in swing, he falls asleep, and take a shower with video monitor on.
11:30a – Do dishes and attempt to fix myself lunch while he sleeps in the swing still. He wakes up after about 45 total minutes which is typical of his morning naps.
12:30p – After fussing and a diaper change and more nursing he’s down for another nap. I finish dishes and finally feed myself.
2:15p – Wakes up after a good nap, I feed him 1/2, change his diaper and feed him the other 1/2.
2:45p – Floor/tummy time
3:30p – Glider quiet/nap time
4p – Head to Matt’s office to have Miles meet his coworkers. Miles sleeps in the car which is pretty much the only way I can drive with him.
4:30p – Feed Miles in Matt’s office and change his diaper.
5p – Happy hour with Matt’s coworkers
6:45p – Head home. Here’s my mistake. I should have fed him before I left. He looked sleepy so I tried to have him sleep on the way home. I confused sleepy/cranky with hungry/cranky and paid the price. It was totally my fault as I’m still learning how to be a mom. I had to pull over twice to feed him. After the trauma with my trip home from my office I emotionally couldn’t deal with this again so I called Matt who hadn’t left yet and had him come meet us. We left his car overnight and he drove so I could soothe Miles if he needed it. Since I fed him in the car he fell asleep as soon as we started driving. Lesson learned for me.
8p – Bedtime…the beginning at least.
8:30p – Finally falls asleep
8:45p – Dinner with Matt and watching the finale of The Office.
10p – Bed for Jo. Phew.

Pretty typical day although the mornings are usually a bit easier (knock on wood). Can’t wait to see what will change at 3 months. Hopefully he’ll be sleeping better at night although 4-6 hours right now isn’t bad and he’s been doing that since he was 6 weeks old.

A Day in the Life - 2 months

A Day in the Life - 2 months

A Day in the Life - 2 months

A Day in the Life - 2 months

A Day in the Life - 2 months


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