Catching Up

Don’t know where the time has gone. I guess my hands have been full of my baby. He hit 10 weeks old on Sunday.

Miles is getting bigger by the day it seems. His 0-3 month clothes are getting so snug, we took out the infant headrest in his carseat because he just seemed so squished in there and I am going to raise up the straps in his carseat tonight because it’s time. My tall boy.

I love his collared shirt and blue pants outfit in the picture below. The shirt was big on him but I couldn’t help myself.

We also tried out his big boy seat on the stroller instead of the carseat. He did ok and we got our first “out of the bathtub” giggle when we put him in, but he’s still a little small for it. Which is ok. I don’t want him growing up too fast.

For now he still likes to have naps on mama and I’m ok with that. Photo below.

Hope everyone had a nice long weekend. We spent it relaxing at home. Had brunch here with friends on Saturday. Walked to the farmers market on Sunday and Matt made amazing BBQ burgers. Monday we were out and about at a BBQ and then a tea party with some girls. We were enjoying having pops home. And we started the new season of Arrested Development on Netflix. So happy that show is back.

I have been using the Typepad iPhone app to do all these posts, because I can type with one hand, and I don’t have the choice to insert photos between text, they only show up at the bottom. If I could change it I certainly would.

Catching Up

Catching Up

Catching Up

Catching Up

Catching Up


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