Lair Weekend

This past weekend we went to my favorite place. The Lair of the Golden Bear family camp. I grew up camping with my family and then worked there during college summers and have been camping with Matt since 2006. I was so excited to introduce Miles to this place that has such history for me. I kept telling him all week that “on Friday mama and pops are taking you to the Lair”. I think it’s safe to say that he loves it. It was so warm which is pretty unusual for early June.

We dipped him in the pool, which may be earlier than they recommend, and he loved it!! It was so warm out that I think it really helped cool him down. I was so nervous afterwards that he’d be too cold or that he would react to the chlorine but I was worried for nothing.

Clearly these pictures show how happy he was. He slept well and napped well on me in the Ergo. Can’t wait to go back in August for a full week.

Lair Weekend

Lair Weekend

Lair Weekend

Lair Weekend

Lair Weekend


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