3 Months

How did that happen. Poof. My son is three months old. People said it would go quickly and boy is that true. Yesterday Miles turned three months old. In my moms group we keep talking about how every week gets a little bit easier and it’s so true. I’m figuring him out a bit more and we are getting in a grove.

For some reason since we’ve been back from the Lair his sleep has been…not ideal. That Friday on the way up he didn’t take his long afternoon nap, that was pretty darn predictable. And ever since its just been gone. I’m trying to get back on track but last Friday I really hit a rough patch. He wasn’t sleeping well during the day and subsequently wasn’t sleeping well at night and I was pretty darn exhausted by Friday. Maybe it’s because I knew that I’d be alone this week but I really needed the weekend with Matt home and some extra hands to help. He’s been a bit better this week and I’m experimenting with his swaddle at night and keeping one arm out but he slept pretty well last night. So I hope that continues.

Likes: his hands (mainly his left), mirrors, talking (we go back and forth “chatting”), eating, being held, walks in the ergo, smiling, back dancing, baths (more like LOVES) and his play gym

Dislikes: carseat and car (unless he’s sleeping), stroller (he tolerates it in short bursts) and pacifiers. He’s a pretty happy guy most of the time, as long as he’s rested and well fed.

He is really smiley and has started to giggle more often. Never at the same thing twice though. He’s getting so close to rolling over. He almost did today at moms group and I totally gasped!! He went de back to side and almost made it to his tummy. It came out of no where and totally surprised me.

The next monthly update is going to have some changes as I will have just started back at work. I sure do love being this guys mama. Thank you for making my job the best ever baby boy. You are my I love you.

3 Months

3 Months

3 Months

3 Months


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