Father’s Day

Matt got to celebrate his first Father’s Day by having some solo father & son time with Miles. I went to a yoga class and did grocery shopping to stock up for the week since Matt is out of town until Friday. When I came back Matt was dealing with his “gift” from our fuzzy son…a LIVE bird.

He handed off Miles to me and went to deal with a wounded bird that was between our headboard and window. He grabbed a (dark) pillowcase and used it to grab the bird and transport it outside. We figured it was wounded beyond repair and painfully debated what to do with it. We didn’t feel comfortable “finishing the job” ourselves so we thought that we’d let Kirky finish what he started. Matt took the screeching bird outside and we were going to lock the cat out with the bird but as soon as the bird was out of the pillowcase…he totally flew away. Amazing. We were so happy it was alive and even more happy we didn’t have to witness Kirky kill him. And it’s the thought that counts. Kirky was so proud of himself. And Matt will remember his first Father’s Day.

Father's Day

Father's Day

Father's Day


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