4 Months

Another month in the books. I cannot believe he is already 4 months old (and yes, I will say this in every monthly update I'm sure). I feel like between months 3 and 4 he went from a newborn to an infant. He seems less fragile, has more personality and he just seems more grown up (is that weird to say about a baby?).

I started work yesterday. I made it through day one. Pumped twice and only cried about a dozen times. You know, only when asked "how are you?" If I didn't have to talk about it I was fine. Today was a little easier and I stopped crying sooner after leaving him. Daycare has gotten exponentially better. They love him and he seems to love it there too. He's been napping well for them, taking bottles and seems generally happy during the day (or so they report). And this makes all the difference to me. All I care about is his safety and happiness. It makes it easier to be away knowing that he is in great hands and is happy. 

Ok, the nitty gritty:

-HANDS (mostly the left) has them in his mouth all. The. Time. 
-DROOLING: he could (and probaly should) wear a bib at all times
-SMILING: oh man his smile melts my heart a thousand times over. I will do (and have done) anything to make this kid smile.
-CARSEAT: Ok "likes" is kinda a stretch…he tolerates his carseat much better than last month. Thanks in full to this and this. I think I would have paid $100 for each of these and I'm not kidding. 
-BABY BJORN CHAIR: he's pretty content in this chair and loves to spin the toys on the toy bar that I purchased recently. 
-BATHTIME: this kid loves the water and splashing. I swear every night once 6:30 rolls around he'll start to fuss as his way of telling you "yo, it's bathtime, don't forget!"
-SLEEPING: Dear god please don't let me jinx this (as I have a legit fear of the "4 month sleep regression" that I keep hearing about). We moved Miles into his big crib in his room last Monday and it's been wonderful. He sleeps better. We sleep better. Win-win. We even got an 8.5 hour stretch one night although 6 hours is pretty standard. On a normal night he only wakes up twice. Almost without fail around 1:45 or 2am and then again at 4-5am when we'll bring him in our bed and I'll feed him side-lying and try to get some more sleep from him and for us. We have a bedtime routine that has been working for us for a while now. Matt comes home and starts bathtime with Miles around 6:30 or 6:45 (depending on when he woke up from his afternoon nap). He'll change Miles into jammies and then I come in and nurse him to sleep. I've been playing around with nursing him allllllmost all the way to sleep and putting him in his crib "drowsy but awake" (like the books say) and he's not the biggest fan of this…yet. We've been doing a bit of sleep training where we'll let him cry for 5-10 minutes (although I usually can't stand it past 8 minutes) but he usually needs one quick check in with a little cuddling and gliding or pop in a pinky finger or even a pacifier and he'll pass out. 

Now that I moved "carseat" to the likes list, I really can't think of anything that he doesn't like. OH…middle of the night diaper changes. Hates. Them. Bad. It's like "I'm awake. I only want to eat. What are you doing to me??" Sorry Matt…it's super hard to change the diaper on a screaming wriggling little thing.

His 4 month appointment was last week, so technically he wasn't quite 4 months yet but they take that into account with the percentages. 
-WEIGHT: 15 pounds 2 ounces (51%)
-HEIGHT: 25.5" (81%)
-HEAD: don't know the measuement exactly but he's 89% in head 
So he is continuing down the path of "long and lean with a big head"
Update: I wanted to include that he is wearing size 3 diapers and has moved up one set of snaps on his cloth diapers. I'll want to remember this when I look back…I think.  

I think that's it. Anything else you want to know about the behavior of a 4 month old? Just ask. Next month we'll be just getting back from a week at the Lair and might even have introduced some solid food so that should make for a good update.

 1. With Pops at the doctor
2013-07-08 11.29.42

2. Miles on his towel
2013-07-08 11.29.42

3. Miles in the chair
2013-07-08 11.29.42

4. A collection of all the past months photos (including the day he was born as #1)
2013-07-08 11.29.42

And a fun video…just 'cause. 

Miles – 4 Months old from Home Sweet Oakland on Vimeo.




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