4th of July Week

We did it!! Matt was in Portugal for 8 nights and 9 days. My mom came down for 6 nights and I could not have survived the week without her (thanks mom!!).

It was so hot all week that Miles spent a lot of time in just a diaper.

1. Being mellow in the swing with 'Raf (the Giraffe)

4th of July Week

2. Skyping with Pops while he was in Portugal. We got some BIG smiles from Miles when he saw Matt's face

4th of July Week

3. Trying out the Bebepod seat. He's not too sure about it but soon he'll be loving sitting up, just you watch.

4th of July Week

4. Since Grancy was in town I had her snap some photos of me with Miles since there aren't that many out there. This is my favorite (lack of makeup and all). 

4th of July Week

5. Loving this striped onesie and he has come to LOVE his Baby Bjorn chair (especially with the addition of the toy bar). I bought the chair on Craigslist for about 75% of what it retails for…I love Craig and his list. 

4th of July Week

6. Here we are at the Piedmont parade on the 4th of July (he slept through the entire thing)

2013-07-04 10.56.03

7. Then he hung out with Opa on the lawn while we ate hamburgers. This guy just loves laying on the grass and checking out trees and kids

2013-07-04 12.19.03

It was a wonderful week spent with my mom. We missed Matt a lot and are so thankful he made it home safely (even if he had a 3.5 hour delay).  His flight came into SFO just over 24 hours after the Asiana Airlines crash. 



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