A week with friends

I just finished my 2nd week of work (3 days a week) and for the most part it’s great. I like work. I like my job. I like my co-workers. I hate leaving Miles.

The first week was fine (for him). This past week was 1/3 great. He had two bad days and I left work early one day to get him. I think he’s going through a growth spurt and just wants mama and dada. It breaks my heart knowing that he’s so upset when we aren’t there. I don’t know how to make it better for him. We have two more weeks (6 total days at daycare) and then we are on vacation for a week. I hope things are better this week for Miles. If he’s happy I’m so much more happy.

Last week we hung out with Anne and her daughter Olivia on Tuesday and went to a lactation group meeting. I want to be sure that I’m doing all the right things to be successful at pumping at work since I would love to breastfeed for a year. Miles looks giant next to petite 7 week old Olivia. And on Friday we went for a walk to get coffee and breakfast with Mason and Lindsey. And Miles has found his feet and loves to grab his left foot. They haven’t found his mouth yet though. Soon I’m sure.

A week with friends

A week with friends

A week with friends


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