Back at work

Life has changed in the past few weeks. I’m back at work and so far things are going well. Miles has adjusted well to daycare and enjoys it much more.

He is growing so quickly, and drooling like a faucet. He went through a pretty massive growth spurt about two weeks ago. He was eating every 2 hours and he did go through a little sleep regression where he was up every 2 hours…glad we are past that now. Very glad.

As Matt put it the other day “he is really fun to hang out with now” and I couldn’t agree more. He is smiley nearly all the time. Laughs often and is generally pretty mellow around people. He really likes being outside and likes interacting with people (like both his parents). We are SO excited to take him to the Lair for a full week. And are excited for a little family vacation time.

Back at work

Back at work

Back at work

Back at work

Back at work


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