Happy guy

Miles is just so smiley {almost} all the time now. He is starting to blow raspberries and sticks his tongue out and I think he may be teething. Nothing visible yet but he is always gumming everything and is the king of drooling. This video totally cracks me up. He's trying SO hard.

Miles – Blowing Raspberries from Home Sweet Oakland on Vimeo.

 He is the most happy first thing in the morning. Don't know who he gets that from because I am so not a morning person. I'll give Matt the credit here. I may be turning into a morning person because I absolutely cannot resist waking up happy when this is the sight I see. 


Happy guy

Here he is with his buddy Jesse (who is 6 days older than Miles). He is already giving me the "geeze mom ANOTHER photo? You are so embarassing" look. 

Happy guy

This kid and his blonde hair…I love it. 

Happy guy

The last photo is his amber teething necklace. He doesn't actually chew on it. It's meant to help naturally alleviate the negative symptoms of teething. Allegedly. We're trying it out. Hey if it doesn't hurt what's the harm?

Happy guy


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