5 Months Old

Another month in the books. And what a great month it was. Miles continues to be such a joy in our life. And we feel so lucky to be his parents. He is super smiley that we often call him S-Miles. He is starting to laugh more freely and is WAY into moving. This kid does not sit still…even when he's sleeping. Miles turned 5 months old on our last day at the Lair and he had such a great week up there. I have another post about our week that will be published next. 


  • Eating – He is still exclusively breastfed but we started to do a little rice cereal the day he turned 5 months old. I do one "meal" a day of solid food around 5:30pm each night. He gets about a tablespoon of rice cereal mixed with warm water. He is a total mess afterwards, but seems to get the hang of swallowing and reaches out for the spoon as it's coming towards him. He'll grab the spoon and suck all the contents off it and it is no easy task to retrieve the spoon from him. I plan to wait until he hits 6 months before introducing any additional solids. Planning on his first few to be banana, avocado, and sweet potato. I have been pumping at work three times a day and am producing about 14 ounces while I'm away from him…and he's eating 20-22 ounces!!! We have been okay using up the reserve of frozen milk that I had stored from when I was on maternity leave but I only have one bag left. I think we are going to have to start supplementing with some formula mixed in. I am going to figure out the best way to do this with his pediatrician. On the days that I'm with him I feed on demand as needed and he seems satisfied. My "goal" has been to try and breastfeed as long as possible. Ideally I'd love to make it to the 1-year mark and I am committed to pumping at work to make this possible but if I don't make it then I'm trying to be okay with that. 
  • Chewing – On. Everything. We are pretty sure that he is teething. Nothing visible just yet but he is becoming kinda whiny and seems happier when he's chewing on something.
  • Sophie Giraffe – I don't know what it is about this toy but oh. mah. gawd. Miles loves the heck outta this thing. I still think it's a glorified dog chew toy but if he likes it I'm totally fine with it.
  • Giraffes – Not really sure how it happened but the lovey that he naps with is a giraffe. We have a white noise animal that we use for naps and bedtime…it's a giraffe. And his play mat has animals that hang from it and he does love the giraffe in it. I always call them 'Raf because I think it will be easier to say once he starts talking and requesting his 'Raf. 
  • Moving – This guy. I place him on his back under his play gym…he flips over on his tummy and starts "swimming" and grunting and gets frustrated that he can't move, is crawling on the horizon? Need to get on the baby-proofing. He is doing super push ups while on his tummy similar to the cobra yoga pose. He would spend all waking hours in his bouncer/jumper and he is constantly looking around the room. When the cat walks in or when someone walks by or he hears a noise he needs to check it all out…makes it kinda difficult to nurse him but I think it's adorable. He'll crane his head towards whatever direction the noise comes from. Stare for a few seconds then whip his head back towards the um…food source…and flash up a huge smile at me and then go back to eating for maybe a minute until it happens again. 
  • Feet – he found his feet just before turing 5 months and while we were at the Lair he brought his toes to his mouth, left foot first which seems to be a pattern with all his new development. I cannot wait to see if he'll be a lefty. 
  • Being outside – He loves the trees and fresh air. If he's starting to get fussy inside we'll take him into the backyard and just sit and he'll stare up at the trees. He's also better about going on walks. He tolerates the stroller much more now. I usually take him when I get home from work for a quick spin around the block. It's about a 1 mile walk and is kinda hilly but he just hangs out and takes in the sights. 
  • People – He really enjoys meeting new people. He'll smile at people in line at the grocery store (you know the 2 times I've been brave enough to take him with me). He was such a friendly dude at the Lair. I think he gets this trait from both Matt and me :).


  • Being hungry – This kid gets hangry. He wants to eat when he wants to eat and is pissed if he's not fed quickly enough…I can totally respect that :). 
  • Being alone – Not completely but he is starting to notice if we leave a room or if he thinks we are ignoring him (which I assure you we are not). We do try and let him have some independent time to play under his play gym or in his Bjorn chair so that he can learn to entertain himself but he is such a social kiddo that he would much rather be where the action and people are. I have read that the separation anxiety can begin between 6-7 months as they start to become more aware of when the people they love leave the room. 

Sleeping: If I have to pick a normal routine this seems to be happening more frequently:

  • Scenario Cool Beans: Falls asleep by 7-7:15pm; Wakes quickly to eat at 3:30am, back to sleep; Wakes up at 5:45-6am and we bring him into our bed and I nurse him and he will often fall back asleep until 6:45-7am.
  • Scenario Meh: (as has been happening occasionally) Falls asleep by 7-7:15pm; Wakes at 1:45am to eat, back to sleep; Wakes at 4:45am and I try to nurse him back to sleep but he stays awake in his crib until 5:30am when we bring him into our bed and try to get him to sleep a little longer because 4:45am is NOT an acceptable wake up time.
  • Scenario Awful: He goes down at 7-7:15pm; Wakes to eat at 12:30, 2:30, 4:30…this does not happen frequently but this is my least favorite option.

We have a pretty solid bedtime routine that involves a bath at 6:45pm then pjs, swaddle sack (starting with arms in but he busts out and that's okay, the swaddle helps him fall asleep), fan on, black-out shade down, white noise on, I nurse him for 8-10 minutes and then put him in his crib with eyes open and he'll either just quietly close his eyes or sometimes he'll fuss a bit and I'll pop in his Wubbanub. Other times he rolls around/flips over and cries for 5-10 minutes. Sometimes he'll require a check in and back pat or a quick pick up to burp/soothe. But we usually wait until 10 minutes has passed before going back in. The next thing we need to work on is weaning off the middle-of-the-night waking up. He should be able to sleep 12 hours so we'll see if his doctor has any recommendations when we see her in a few weeks.


  • Sitting up – We have been working on this since his 4 month appointment. Miles is getting better and the tripod sit and will go for a minute or two if you sorta help him from tottering/tipping over. He seems to like the new perspective but also bends forward to try and put his toes in his mouth…and doesn't quite have the ab strength to pull himself back up. 
  • Solid food – Started rice cereal on Aug. 17, one "meal" a day.
  • Rolling over – He did it for the first time back in early July but then seemed to forget about it. He's more into it now and goes back to tummy and tummy to back in both directions.


  • We don't go see the pediatrician until Sep. 13 so the only estimated stat this month is his weight. Matt gets on our bathroom scale holding Miles and then gets on solo…two days ago he was just over 17 pounds (Miles…not Matt). 


  • Disposable – Size 3
  • Cloth – 4 snaps across the width and one snap down

5 Months Old

5 Months Old

5 Months Old

5 Months Old

5 Months Old

See you for month 6!!


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