7 Months Old

Seven Months. Closer to one year old…and I'm mentally brainstorming birthday ideas (I'm a planner…who's surprised??). 

General Info: After September I realized that working from home on Fridays wasn't working well. I was feeling like I wasn't 100% with work and I wasn't 100% with Miles and that's not good for either party. So we looked at our budget and are making it work for me to work 80% time (started October 1) and be home on Fridays just with Miles. I feel so incredibly fortunate that I have a job that allows me this option. And I feel so very lucky to be able to have more time with Miles. 

Stats: No doctor appointment this month so the only stat we have is using our home scale

  • Weight: 20+ pounds…little man likes his food


  • Eating: he hasn't met a food that he doesn't like, he's really enjoying solid foods. 
  • Laughing: I could listen to him laugh all day it is the best sound in the world
  • Moving: he is always moving around and love to be on the go (eventhough he's not crawling just yet)
  • People: he is SO social and loves being around other people
  • Being outside


  • Sleeping in. I think he got my dad's genes and is an early riser. He seems well rested though and wakes up happy. And we've been trying to let him cry a bit to see if he'll put himself back to sleep, but his "normal" waketime lately has been 5:30'ish.


  • Milk: exclusively pumping with one nursing session in the AM and any middle-of-the-night wake ups
  • Solids: I'll go into more detail about this in the next post (mainly because I drafted this in October but didn't finish it until today…oops)


  • sleep trained after 6 month appointment to drop the 2am wake up…after 2 nights he started sleeping 7pm-6am
  • gets up 5:45-6 most mornings
  • naps – cold turkey out of the swing Oct. 11-14 and then when he went back to daycare she put him back in the swing and that set us back a bit. 


  • regular: size 3 Honest diapers
  • cloth: Bum Genius 4.0 one snap down and four snaps open across
  • nighttime: we started using nighttime diapers and the smallest we've found are size 4


  • teething: he popped his first tooth Oct. 10 (bottom left)
  • pre-crawling: he's been rocking back and forth on hands and knees for a while, we keep saying "he'll start crawling any day"
  • Discovered that he's a boy…not sure if this is really developmental but worth noting, he found his penis and is fascinated. 


^^Dressed and ready for the Cal football game.


^^Hanging out with his "cousin" Quidnet


^^Loving his frozen berries…SO messy


^^Planking…he wants to MOVE


^^I had to. He loves being naked…obviously


^^The "official" 7 month shot, sitting up, kicking his leg…pretty standard.



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