10 Months

We are starting to "hit our stride" and are really starting to figure out what being a parent is. Now…that changes pretty regularly based on what Miles needs but he is starting to be somewhat more predictable, sort of. He likes to be on the move and rarely sits still. He's crawling around a ton and starting to cruise on the couch, coffee table, and use his little push-cart-walker-thing. I think he'll probably be walking by his 1st birthday but I have no idea. Overall he is a really happy and social guy. Really likes taking outings and loves people watching and waving. This is a pretty fun age and I cannot believe he's getting closer to a year. Can't wait to start planning his 1st birthday party!! On to the details:


  • Weight: 22 pounds, 4 ounces (62%)
  • Height: 29.75" (89%)
  • Head: 96%…um what?!


  • Waving
  • Pointing (can identify da-da and ma-ma and Kirky…points towards us when we ask "Where's da-da? etc…it's pretty cute)
  • Crawling…everywhere
  • Standing up/cruising
  • Catfood (despite our attempts to keep the bowls out of reach, he's managed to sample a few pieces…but hasn't swallowed any…that we are aware of)
  • Laughing…he is SUCH a great laugher too and is always looking for the next funny thing
  • Balls…anything round that resembles a ball or anything he can "throw"


  • Sleeping in: He seems to think that the 5 o'clock hour is an acceptable wake up period most days. We have tried to put him back in his crib after a quick nursing session but when that fails we'll bring him in bed with us and I have had varied success nursing him back to sleep until 6:15-6:30…even a few until 7 am. 
  • Diaper changes/clothing changes: this has gotten a bit better than last month but it's still a challenge. We try to keep a few "special" toys that are just for the changing pad but even that isn't a guarantee
  • Getting in the car seat: what's the expression…it's like trying to put coyotes in a bathtub? He'll be fine and I talk to him before I actually do it "Ok Miles, it's time to go in the car seat, we have to go home" and once I make the move to put him in the seat he loses his mind and starts screaming. Once I get him strapped in he's totally cool, just something about the initial "put in" that he's disturbed by
  • Having things taken away or not getting his way: so he DOES make it to the catfood dish and then we pull it away…how DARE we not grant him his desire to eat the catfood. Wants to pull on Kirky's tail. Wants to hold our iPhones (the remote control, iPad). You know…normal kid/parent stuff. This is going to get tougher, I know that.


  • Milk: I've been sending 2-7 ounce bottles of 1/2 breast milk 1/2 formula and then another 4 ounce bottle with dry formula if he needs it. This past week he has just been drinking the 2 "big bottles" and even then isn't taking the whole thing.
  • Pumping: I'm still pumping and pretty proud that I'm keeping it up. I'm getting between 6-10 ounces daily (depending on how much he nurses in the morning when he wakes up before I leave for work). My goal is to pump until he turns 1 and then I'll wean off the pumping at work and the nursing during the day (when I'm with him). I'm planning to nurse him at bedtime and in the morning as long as he wants to. He is a comfort nurser and it's part of our bedtime routine when I'm with him (which is 99% of the time at night)
  • Solids: Hasn't met a food he doesn't like. We give him any food that we are trying. "I can't list everything, but if we eat it we offer it to him. Most of his meals consist of some type of protein (egg for breakfast, lean organic deli meat), carb (whole grain bread, tortilla, cheerios/puffs) and lots of fruit and veggies. Matt has gone gangbusters with making food for Miles. He steams and purees everything and then freezes it into cubes or pouches. We have some Little Green Pouches and just got some of the Infantino Fresh Squeezed station. We do a good mix of finger foods for Miles and "mush" as we lovingly call it. He prefers to feed himself and won't shy away from green food but we like to make sure he's getting his veggies and it is more guaranteed when we spoon feed it to him, or put it in pouch form. 


  • goes to bed at 7pm, we have a solid routine that we've stuck to for the last 6 months and it's working
  • this week he's been waking up a lot more during the nights. we think he's getting another tooth and he's been fighting a cold and is going through a developmental leap now so he's waking up more. he usually nurses/soothes for a few minutes and then goes back down pretty easily. i can zombie feed him that way and it's been working. when he starts feeling better we'll start to let him cry a bit longer through some of his middle-of-the-night wake ups but when he's not feeling well I just can't let him cry. 
  • naps are better. he pretty consistently (although not today) does two 1-hour naps. the first one is around 9:30-9:45 until 10:30-10:45 and the 2nd is between 1:30-2. today (i think because he's congested) slept for 15 minutes in his crib and then fell asleep on me, but when i tried to put him back in the crib he would instantly wake up. 


  • regular: bumped up to size 4 Honest diapers
  • cloth: Bum Genius 4.0 all snaps undone (starting this week)
  • nighttime: size 4, using the Seventh Generation diapers and they work well to contain the volumne of overnight use



  • teeth: he's working on his 6th tooth. he has his lower two middle, upper two middle and one to his left on the top. working on the one to the right on the top. it's so strange to me that he will never (hopefully) be a toothless gummy guy anymore. he'll always have teeth flashing through that big grin
  • crawling: everywhere
  • pulling up to standing: is very comfortable pulling up to standing and getting himself safely back to his bottom to start crawling again
  • cruising: cruises around the sofa, around the coffee table, to his play table to the ottoman
  • walking holding our fingers. when he's reached the edge of his cruising props he'll reach out to us and grab a finger and wants to walk up & down the hallway or over to the door
  • not sure what else to note, no words yet but he's making sounds that sound like the right thing. ba=ball (but it's not only the ball), da=da-da or that or over there, kinda hear ca=cat. babbles a ton in the car and at home and it's fun to have mini conversations with him. it's going to be so strange and awesome when he actually starts talking to us. 


Photo (9)

>>the chair shot was the only one i got of him sitting still. after this he lunged forward and wanted out of the chair. the towel (green & white shot) was him reaching for the book i was holding to try to get him to sit still. proof that he doesn't ALWAYS smile. 

Photo 2 (2)

>>yep. he's a dude alright.

Photo 1

>>hanging out with the 'raf's at the oakland zoo. Miles seems unimpressed

Photo 3 (2)

>>family selfie from Christmas

Photo 3

>>trying out the ergo as a backpack for the first time. he lasted maybe 10 minutes but i think it was because he was hungry.

Photo 2

>>trying out the big boy car at Kane and Ben's house. 4 boys+same t-shirt=adorable…and I cannot believe that helmet fits a 2.5 year old and my 10 month old…GIANT head. (video of this below, he loved his ride)





Miles – Swinging from Home Sweet Oakland on Vimeo.

>>i had higher hopes for him on the swing. i thought he was going to just laugh but he was like "oh, this? no big deal."


Miles – Christmas 2013 – Jingle Bells from Home Sweet Oakland on Vimeo.

>>this is one of my favorite videos. he kinda shakes the bells at one point but other than that he keeps looking around like "what the HECK are you all doing?" there were six adults wearing a variety of reindeer antlers singing a song around him. maybe my favorite Christmas moment.


Miles – January 2014 – Karate at dinner from Home Sweet Oakland on Vimeo.

 >>love his little laugh and also…look at those teeth!! 


Miles – Dec 2013 – Big boy car from Home Sweet Oakland on Vimeo.

 >>his first big boy car ride. he was gripping the steering wheel super tight but loved this so much.




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