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I am saying goodbye to this WordPress blog and moving to a Typepad platform. But the easy part is that the “address” isn’t changing. If you have been using it now maps to the Typepad blog.

Thank you for reading and I’ll see you on the other side. Let me know what you think of the redesign.

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    DIY: Padded Headboard

    I have seen a bunch of posts on Pinterest that were the inspirations for this project. This post has been two months in the making and I’m finally getting around to posting about it. I know…it’s late but better late than never. Here is what our topless bed looked like before the headboard. Pretty plain and boring.


    The materials list:

    • Fabric (I think I bought 3 yards)
    • 2″ foam (I bought the biggest strip they had at my local JoAnn’s)
    • Spray adhesive
    • Staple gun and staples
    • Wood (or a discarded headboard)
    • Patience (a must…you’ll learn why)
    • We started off with a discarded wooden headboard from friends which was a great template:


      Used our Ryobi hand sander to scuff it up a bit (totally a technical term):


      Then I laid the foam out and kinda traced and cut the right size to fit inside the lip of the headboard:


      But as I learned early in life you can’t put a square peg in a round hole piece of foam in a round headboard crevice. So I got creative…


      It doesn’t look great but it’ll do the job and I’ll be covering it with fabric so it really doesn’t matter what it looks like underneath. I then sprayed the wood with spray adhesive. And applied pressure to the foam ’til it stuck real good. Then came the fun part. I will preface this with the fact that I did this at the end of the day and “thought” it’s was going to be a quick project. I’ll refrain from using that kind of thinking in the future.

      Things started off great I laid the fabric down and made sure it was centered and lined up:


      Then I started stapling like a madwoman:


      Issue #1: not sure if it was the staples/staple gun/thickness of fabric/type of wood BUT those little staples sure didn’t like to go in the wood very well:


      Issue #2: since I was applying a lot of pressure to the board to make sure the staples were in nice and tight I ended up snapping the leg off the headboard. Crap.


      And close up…to see the damage:


      I don’t remember now if I intentionally removed the 2nd leg or if it came off on its own but either way this poor guy was legless for a majority of the stapling, which ended up being much easier to manage.


      Here is a front shot to show the awesome thickness of the finished product:


      I worked around the rough spots and got everything all stapled and in place before calling for help. I have been told/shown how to use the power drill (a few times) but it never seems to work for me (that’s right…I’ll blame it on the drill). So Matt came down to help me out and he saved the day by drilling new holes and screwing in the legs. The headboard has two legs again and a pretty new outfit to boot:


      While the front looks pretty darn decent the back is another story. This is the mullet of headboards…business in the front, party in the back:


      But we figure that only people creepin’ on the side of our house will see the back, and well there shouldn’t be any weirdos creepin’ on the side of the house so I think we are all good.

      So even though my this-should-only-take-45-minutes project turned into about a two hour ordeal and I had to bring in reinforcements it was worth it in the end we are very happy with our new padded headboard, it brings a lot of color to our room and keeps our pillows from sliding off the top of the bed and also allows for plenty of light and air to come in when the window is open:


      Have you tried to recover a headboard? How did it go?

    We have you surrounded

    I was the assistant on this project so I’m not taking any credit for the handy-ness of my hubby.

    Today was the day to hang the surround sound speakers. Plan A was to run the wires through the walls so that we wouldn’t have them running up the wall (my preference). But when does Plan A ever work out? The wall behind out tv was stuffed with insulation (which isn’t a bad thing normally since we like to be warm…right dad?) which made threading the wire impossible.


    So Matt hopped up into the attic and crawled around…


    Kirky wanted to help…it was cute.


    Matt was able to run most of the wires through the attic and once I take care of getting a super long curtain rod and make curtains (that I’ve been talking about for months now) they will pretty much cover the wires that are tucked in the corner, but running up the wall, behind the couch. So I’ll be happy. It’s all about compromise right? Photos to follow…once I get the curtains taken care of.

    We headed over to the UC Berkeley campus today to watch a baseball game. Great weather. Great game. Did you have a good Saturday?

    Around here

    Here is a little view of what our weekend looked like…from the point of view of my iPhone:

    I finally hung the canvas DIY art.



    I planned it out using pieces of 12×12 paper before nailing holes in the wall and they are spaced 4 inches apart.

    I also took care of some sewing projects:
    I made another stroller/baby carrier blanket for an upcoming baby shower…this is the only peak you’ll get Tina :).

    I made a few pillow cases for some old nasty floral ones that I have had for, um, maybe 7 years!! I think this fabric is a much better pattern and they are now brightening up our couch quite nicely.


    And after all that sewing I realized how much I hate my current pin holder so I made a new one. I used and old jar and sorta winged it with some batting and leftover linen fabric… and a glue gun. It is so much better than the old one and now I want to come up with some more projects just to used it.

    I also needed to sew a button on a pair of shorts for Matt and decided to finally organize all my little buttons and thread pieces that come with sweaters etc. and came up with this solution…another jar!

    I also created a fun St. Patty’s day feast of bangers and colcannon. I had never had or heard of colcannon before until I saw a pin on Pinterest and it looked delicious . It WAS! And so easy too.

    And to round out the weekend we went to brunch at a place I’ve wanted to try (that Matt has already been to) Brown Sugar Kitchen. I had the chicken and waffles. They were delicious.



    The day finally came. I painted the bedroom!!

    Here is the before picture:


    Thank you to Matt for putting up with five swatches of gray paint in our bedroom. FIVE!! We finally picked the right shade. Martha Stewart Nimbus cloud (top left) and had it color matched to BEHR ┬áPremium Plus Ultra (paint and primer in one). Through this whole paint-the-bedroom saga I kept saying that I wanted to use No VOC paint and then suddenly when I was in Home Depot and saw how long the line for paint was I quickly walked up and down the paint aisle and panicked and grabbed low VOC instead of NO VOC because I was running late and needed to get home and start painting if I was gonna get it done this weekend. Oh well. Next time. While at Home depot I also grabbed some more of the awesomest painters tape and good thing because for the whole room I used about 3/4 of a full roll. I used the 1.5″ width and wished, for the ceiling at least, that I had the 2″, it would have been easier to get up there with the roller. The whole process from cutting in until I started peeling the tape off was about 5 hours. There were a lot of tight spots and I had to go back and paint those by hand with a brush, so that took a bit longer. But I am so SO happy with the finished product. I’m glad we waited to find the perfect paint color. It looks great!!


    *This photo was taken at night, it looks a bit brighter in the daylight.

    Now to hang my DIY art project, and make a headboard and we’ll be all set! More photos to come!

    It’s Here

    Our couch is finally here!! It looks a little big right now. Mainly because our old couch is still here crowding the new guy. But it’s great and comfy and now comes the rest of the settling in. Curtains. Throw pillows. Art. Lighting. Eek. So excited!!


    Who da man?

    Otto-man!! (get it??) Our new ottoman to be exact. Arrived today and it’s great!

    2/3 of the sectional are sitting in a Pottery Barn warehouse somewhere in California waiting for the last piece to be shipped and then they’ll deliver it all together. I. Can’t. Wait. Estimated deliver is early March, which seems pretty far away still. The original ship date was estimated to be between 9-12 weeks (we bought it in December) because they build the pieces once you order (I guess) for the non-stock colors. I just get impatient. It’s great to see how the whole set is going to look with our rug and since we have a very open flood plan this room pretty much IS our house. Once it comes together everything else will start to come together too.
    It’s also nice to see that Kirky approves.


    Bye Bye Florida

    I’ll update more later but wanted to post some photos from my trip.





    {view from the hotel; penguin Pete at Sea World; Hogwarts/Hogsmeade gate; me in front of Hogwarts; 49’ers love in the hotel lobby}

    We are heading home to SFO and are landing right after the end of the 49’ers/Giants game. Wish us luck we don’t hit too much traffic. I’m SO ready to be home.