New Couch

Our new couch is coming today!!! A quick shot of the “before”…stay tuned for what it will look like after!!



Who da man?

Otto-man!! (get it??) Our new ottoman to be exact. Arrived today and it’s great!

2/3 of the sectional are sitting in a Pottery Barn warehouse somewhere in California waiting for the last piece to be shipped and then they’ll deliver it all together. I. Can’t. Wait. Estimated deliver is early March, which seems pretty far away still. The original ship date was estimated to be between 9-12 weeks (we bought it in December) because they build the pieces once you order (I guess) for the non-stock colors. I just get impatient. It’s great to see how the whole set is going to look with our rug and since we have a very open flood plan this room pretty much IS our house. Once it comes together everything else will start to come together too.
It’s also nice to see that Kirky approves.


New rug

We were able to finally decide on a rug for our living room. I had been scouring so many websites trying to figure out the right one for our space and for our tastes, and our budget. And what I found was…area rugs are EXPENSIVE!! We measured our space and realized that a 9’x12′ rug was the perfect size, then came the searching. We both decided that a comfy, cozy, durable rug was the way to go. It’s too bad you can’t reach into the computer to see how a rug feels. I had gone into the Crate & Barrel outlet in nearby Berkeley and seen some of the rugs they had on hand so I was familiar with their texture and knew what to look for online.  I had also realized that I was more fond of a geometric pattern rug than a floral one (Matt agreed). So this is what we finally found.


We ended up going with Crate & Barrel’s Quentin Rug, 9’x12′ and it was on sale for $399 which is at least 50% less than what I was seeing on other sites (and originally retails for $999 at Crate & Barrel). The rug arrived today and so far it is awesome! It’s very soft and looks great with our existing furniture. The colors are perfect and will allow for great accessorizing (throw pillows, window coverings, and art), once our new couch gets delivered {which was supposed to be this past Saturday but is now going to be March…waaa!}

All About the ORB

Oil Rubbed Bronze spray paint that is. I have been on a quest for a full length mirror for our room and finally found one that was the right size, and the right price at Home Goods. However I wasn’t crazy about the color but I figured that could easily be changed. Given all the inspiration and instruction from Young House Love I was confident that I could pull it off. Here are some of the before photos all prepped and ready to be painted:

And some during photos. The final product took about four coats of spray paint.

I was quite impressed with the Rust-Oleum metallic oil rubbed bronze. It has a built-in primer and had really good coverage. The extra coats were just to insure that there was deep coverage.

Here is an after shot set up in the bedroom.

And a close up of the finished product once it’s all dry. I love it and it matches the side lamps and is a great addition to our room.

See…look how happy I am.

Seeing Double

So, after a very long wait. We finally have two bedside lamps, we’ve spent the last five months with only one. The long story has to do with a second lamp that arrived damaged and had to be returned, a miscommunication about a backordered (and then out of stock) item from Macy’s. Finally we opted to go with a different seller and purchased lamp number two from The original ship date was bumped back two weeks but finally the lamp arrived. It matches lamp numero uno, we finally have two bedside lamps in our room, and I am one happy lady. Now we just need some color in that room. It’s looking kind of vanilla right now (even though our bedding is Sea Spray, it’s not showing up that way in this photo).

Since we are talking about decorations in the bedroom, lets see what else we have in store…

The next item we are waiting to receive is a second bedside rug that is being delivered by West Elm next week. For the time being we are pretty happy with the one side rug that we have. {Mentioned previously in this post}.

And a close up so you can see how fluffy and cozy it is:

And while I was photographing this I realized that our bed is missing something…

a bed skirt. Since our bed is raised up on these bed lifts I have visions of making an extra long bed skirt to cover the box spring and the legs/lifters. Add that to the project list.

Oh and notice those two items taped to the wall in the photo in the upper right?

Paint samples. They have been taped up on the wall for the better part of three months now. And I think we settled on the paint color within the first week. From the top counting down, I think we are going with number 5. It’s called Gravity, and is a light bluish-greenish gray. I think these exact paint chips are from Lowes but I want to color match it with a low-VOC paint at Home Depot, since that is the closer store. I’ll keep you posted on what that ends up looking like, I’m excited for our first indoor painting project.

Oh and another project for this room is way way (WAY) far down on the list of things to do but a girl can dream. I’ve been pining (and pinning) away at all the images I’ve seen on Pinterest for a….sliding barn door. I thought one would be a perfect fit to cover Husband’s closet door.

Can you picture it?? We could get rid of the door that’s there now since it spends 99% of the time wide open and taking up space, and replace it with something like this…

{image source from here}

I’m picturing our painted gray walls, some DIY art, DIY headboard, some colorful accent pillows, a bench at the end of the bed like this, and possibly a dark teal door? The possibilities are endless.

Here’s the pallet I’m thinking, but more turquoise.

{source here}

Holiday Cards

So after all the wedding projects this year I was in serious need for some crafting time. I ordered my cards a bit early from one of my favorite sites, Minted. They are based locally out of San Francisco. Earlier this year I was asked to sit in on a focus group for their upcoming holiday card lineup. I took an hour out of my day and headed over to their office and at the end received a $200 gift certificate to use. So woo-hoo…holiday cards were free. I really love all their designs, and their paper quality is top-notch, they are my go-to site for any sort of invitation or holiday card.  I always like to add my own personal touch so I stamped the envelopes with some festive holiday stamps I had on hand.  {I used this one for the upper corner, and this one for the address location, both from Paper Source.}  I even ended up getting a photo calendar {that now doesn’t appear to be on their site} as well using wedding photos. I’m so excited for the new year so we can start using it.

I love calendars. Maybe too much. Last year I DIY’ed a calendar with the help from some of my favorite bloggers, Sherry and John at Young House Love. They have this great Photoshop file download that allows you to edit the text to fit your family. It’s been a great addition to our house this past year and it’ll go into the scrapbook after December 31 (or in the box of stuff that will someday turn into a scrapbook).

Anywho, I deposited my stamped, addressed, and stuffed envelopes into the mail yesterday. Here is a little preview of what the envelopes look like:

{i was a stamping maniac}

And I also found a great way to display the cards we will be receiving (we have three already, glad I’m not the only early bird out there).

It might be hard to tell by the photo (and the terrible lighting) but I used these great 3M Command Hooks that I bought at our local CVS store and some string that I already had on hand to create two clotheslines on where I can clip the cards. Like this:

And to make them look a little prettier I added those bows with leftover ribbon from last year.  It will look better with more cards. I’ll post an update when they get filled in. The great thing about those hooks is that you can easily remove them and there is no damage left to the surface. Husband is the most excited about that I think, no nail holes = happy hubby.

Do you send holiday cards out? Where do you shop for cards?

Project Garage: Phase 1

Now that the weather is changing and rain is in the near future. It’s time to clean and organize our garage and start to use it for parking, and not just storing stuff in a pile.

We bought some heavy duty shelves at Costco this weekend and are getting ready to assemble them but first we needed to paint the walls of the garage. Our structural garage “makeover” is complete but the walls were partially covered in blank drywall and looked messy. We made a stop at what is soon to become a much frequented store…Home Depot and picked up some cheap-o paint and had an afternoon of rocking out to my iPod whilst paint rolling.

The lighting in the garage is terrible. So I don’t have a good after photo. But here is me “during”…

Next steps: build shelves and bust out the label maker and plastic bins…time to organize!!